Can't join Trip Discussion from Upcoming Programs page

There is a link on bottom left "Trip Discussion".  It brings me to a login page.  I log on and then I get the following error message:

404 - File or directory not found.

The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

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    When I go to My Account, and select Past Trips, and try to sign in to the Discussion Board, I found that it has NEVER worked. I reported this to RS multiple times, but it is still not working months later. Could someone from RS please update all of us?
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    Hi, I think is best if you have "no expectations" for access to their "discussion board" because if you read any of

    the postings it doesn't exist-I wonder what their afraid of.

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    I don't understand why it is not working and has never worked. On the old Web site, it worked. The only problem with the old version was that it showed your real name and possibly the date you would be gone, so that was a security risk.
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    Not fixed. 11/26/17.
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    My success story ...

    I too signed up for a program and could not get access to the Trip Discussion forum from my Upcoming Trips page, I only saw the Access Denied page that CT_PBW referred to in a message above.

    I waited a couple of weeks, at which point I emailed the message I pasted below to the address provided on that Access Denied page ( I received a receipt acknowledgement email almost immediately. This was on a Saturday.

    Early afternoon that following Monday I received an email informing me that I now had access to the trip forum. Sure enough, when I went to the Upcoming Trip page and clicked on the Trip Discussion link, it took me to the Trip Discussion.

    Here is what I emailed to, in case others might find it useful (the Program Number and Order Number for your trip is on your "Upcoming Trips" page).


    Subject: Requesting access to a trip discussion forum (Program XXXXX starting on M-D-YYYY)

    Hello, I'm unable to access the discussion forum for the following trip in which I'm enrolled:
    [Title of program]
    [Starting date of program, in M-D-YYYY format]
    Program Number: XXXXX
    Order Number: ******* (<--- this might not be necessary but it couldn't hurt. )

    I enrolled in this trip on [date you paid the deposit]

    I hope you can fix this. Thanks!

    Regards, - [your name] [your email]

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    Hello, we have added you to the particular board for your upcoming adventure. We apologize that it wasn't fixed sooner and hope you have a wonderful time on your trip!
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    Hello, it appears at one point you were a member but were somehow removed. We have re-added you to the discussion for your past trip and hope you enjoyed it very much!
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    Hello, we apologize that you were not added to the discussion board for your program that you're on sooner. We have now added you as a member so you can discuss after you return with those who traveled with you. We hope you are enjoying your trip very much!
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    Hello, we just added you to the discussion board for your upcoming trip. Now you can begin communicating with the others in your group. We hope you have a wonderful time on your program!
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    It took 3 phone calls and several emails over 3 weeks, but it's working for me now.