Be Aware Road Scholar May Cancel Your Trip Before You Make Travel Arrangements

Be aware that Road Scholar may cancel a trip at the final payment due date (typically two months before the travel date) if the economics does not work out for them. I got my final bill in mid June for an early September trip I booked, purchased our airfare to Portland, and they made the decision in mid July on the final payment due date to cancel the trip. If you had researched and signed up for one of those trips you are out of luck, and you are stuck with any unused airfare and any other travel costs you may have expended, not to mention your planning time and calendar considerations. Based on my discussion with one of their customer service agents they don’t seem to care about the impact on those customers affected, only their own economics. I have observed the number of trips that they offer mushroom over the past year, and it is you the customer left holding the bag if the trip you selected does not attract enough interest. I was looking forward to many more future trips with Road Scholar now that I am finally retired, but after this experience I'm not sure I trust them any more. BEWARE!

  • Ugh, I feel your pain. I've had a couple of trips cancelled by RS but they gave me more notice - definitely before the final payment date. I don't like to wait too long to book flights since just about every flight I take is totally full.
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    After I booked my present RS tour leaving in a month, I called the office to check on the numbers of folks signed up. That was in January, 2017 and there were 10 hail and hearty souls! Then, later I called and also checked the website.....trip was sold out with a waiting list! Who knew? I believe it may depend on the popularity of the trips/reviews and, of course the destinations involved. I hope this is helpful. Kathie
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    I don't quite understand. Could someone clarify this policy. I purchased trip insurance and was under the impression that if RS cancelled the trip it would cover the air fare even if I had not booked through RS. I am also not clear what the final payment date has to do with it. I have booked a trip to Savannah, Charleston and the barrier islands off the Georgia coast for late October. I am concerned that it may be cancelled due to hurricane Irma. I have travel insurance. Is the RS price of the trip and the airfare covered if RS cancels the trip?
  • Yes, we have to be very careful and book airfare later in the process, say 4-6 weeks out. I've traveled with RS for 7 years and the in last 2 years 4 trips have been cancelled: ouch! That's a recent high frequency, in my opinion.
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    I don't know how the insurance works (that's a 3rd party), but RS will want to book you on another trip.
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    I find that frequency very high and now I am quite nervous. I am interested in what refunds you got. Did you get your trip costs entirely refunded? What about your travel costs? Please specify whether you used the RS travel agency or did you purchase your tickets yourself??
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    I just had trip canceled and RS, not the insurance, covered the change fee for the airfare. I moved into another date for the same program. They could not have been more helpful. They transferred everything, including insurance, over to the new date. I believe the insurance kicks in for airfare when it is not a RS decision to cancel program. BTW, this is the second program that I had to reschedule. The only additional cost I incurred was my personal fly in early days; the hotel was slightly higher. I was also caught up in the National Park closures and RS went above and beyond in ensuring we were well taken care of and got us home.
  • I just retired and am starting to research travel companies and just signed up for the Thailand trip. This post made me a bit nervous. Have you tried other companies? Do you recommend any?
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    There are many other travel companies. However RS provides the most bang for your buck and provides more intellectual content than other travel companies. Worth the risk of having a trip canceled now and again. I had a feeling this last trip may be canceled because it's date range included national and several religious holidays and I was prepared to adjust arrangements. The people who travel with RS are different than the average bear. They tend to be inclusive, wanting to learn not to just look and the some of the most interesting people I have met. I have also run comparisons between RS and other companies and RS includes almost all meals, all side trips are included and all transportation required during your program (or at least the one's I have been on). Adding these costs to another company's trip can really add up. Take the chance, it's worth it.
  • Did you take out trip insurance? If so would they recover the airfare for you?
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    See my previous post in this same forum topic.
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    Thank you for your input. I’m a solo traveler and inclusive is great. I appreciate your time. Happy travels.
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    Yes, but RS accommodations are usually not up to par with other tour companies, and at this point RS costs per day are pretty much equal to others, too.
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    I've only been on two RS tours, but comparing them to 30 years of world traveling, I've found the hotels selected by RS to be outstanding, with excellent locations, good food and service.
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    I choose RS specifically for the educational content of the tours, not the amenities. As long as I stay in safe and clean hotel, eat in some interesting local places and enjoy the company of my travel companions I am a happy camper. It is not the intent of RS to compete with companies that provide all the comforts of home, it is their mission to open us up to new experiences.