Be Aware Road Scholar May Cancel Your Trip Before You Make Travel Arrangements

Be aware that Road Scholar may cancel a trip at the final payment due date (typically two months before the travel date) if the economics does not work out for them. I got my final bill in mid June for an early September trip I booked, purchased our airfare to Portland, and they made the decision in mid July on the final payment due date to cancel the trip. If you had researched and signed up for one of those trips you are out of luck, and you are stuck with any unused airfare and any other travel costs you may have expended, not to mention your planning time and calendar considerations. Based on my discussion with one of their customer service agents they don’t seem to care about the impact on those customers affected, only their own economics. I have observed the number of trips that they offer mushroom over the past year, and it is you the customer left holding the bag if the trip you selected does not attract enough interest. I was looking forward to many more future trips with Road Scholar now that I am finally retired, but after this experience I'm not sure I trust them any more. BEWARE!

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    Thank you for responding. I appreciate your input.
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    I’ve been on 6 RS trips and all were very nice accommodations. My most recent, a river cruise, was onboard a new Crystal Cruises riverboat. It couldn’t have been more luxurious. Food and service was excellent. Our group leaders were real pros. Everything about the trip was top shelf.
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    Morgan, I've been on 7 international RS trips over 4 years and never a cancellation even though one had only 11 participants. I wouldn't worry too much. Enjoy your trip.