On-shore excursions and group size

I have done two cruises on the Aegean Odyssey and loved the ship and the many experiences offered.

One issue I have always complained about is the large size of groups for on-shore tours.  My first trip we had 38 people and not only was it almost unmanageable, but other groups come together at the same time, making it difficult to stay with the leader.  I actually panicked one time surrounded by 100s of people I did not know and no sign of my group.  It is also difficult to hear or to observe important sights when you are surrounded by so many people.  But even the size of the Road Scholar group (which will be 35 participants when RS takes over the Aegean Odyssey) is excessive.  I highly recommend that Road Scholar create more, smaller groups, with an absolute max of 25, or preferably less, to enhance participant experience.

Two other people have  replied in agreement--smaller group sizes are needed.  RS generally replies to these messages, but it seems it has not replied to my suggestions.  Does this mean they are ignoring travelers' requests for more reasonable on-shore group excursions; or perhaps trying to work out a strategy for creating them?

  • I agree wholeheartedly. I think that’s why OAT has become so popular. RS, please take notice!
  • Yes. The announced group size is a bit off-putting. (Same for the Loire River cruise I will be on in September.) When I book RS programs, I generally inquire about the group size is "Small Group" is not specified and avoid anything more than ~25.
  • Hello, thank you for reaching out and our apologies for not responding sooner. The group size on field trips will be divided into color groups of 35 participants each. The groups may be smaller than that depending on how many participants we have on each program, however the groups will never be larger than that number. We hope you enjoy your upcoming adventure! Best, Rachel