Web site access issue

I have had recurring problems with access to the Road Scholar web site for the last month and more. I don't have this problem with any other web site. I get a "can't reach this page" message and have to delete my browsing history and cookies to resolve it. I have to do this every week or two. This is a huge inconvenience, as then I have to completely type in all web site addresses until my browser can re-learn browsing history. If the problem is a cache conflict, you ought to have your IT team troubleshoot the issue and find out why this ONLY happens on your site. 

  • So weird - I have had the same problem for at least 6 weeks or so!!
  • That's interesting. I've not had that happen using either my laptop (Firefox) or iPhone or iPad Mini.

    For months I did have the problem where I had to sign in every flipping time - or sign out and then re-sign in but in the last week or so that was resolved and I can just keep a tab open on my browser.
  • In reply to PamInIdaho:

    I am still having this issue and have been told they are working on it. I use Chrome; which may explain why I am still having issue. I now login and uncheck "stay signed in" thus avoiding having to clear cache every time I log in.
  • I have problems using my Ipad. I cannot book trips because they show waitlist only. Also, the discussion boards for my trips usually block access, so I hanrdly bother to check them. Hardly any trip participants seem to use them anyway.
  • Hello, thank you for reaching out. We apologize for the difficulties you've been having with accessing the discussion boards recently. We are working to resolve the issue as soon as we can and hope to have it completely fixed soon. Best, Rachel