Program Forms

Having a problem with the Particpant Information Form. I can’t complete it on my Ipad as there are problems with the interface between Road Scholar and Apple. I have to use Microsoft and the form is very cumbersome. I book my own flight yet have all this extraneous info to complete. I understand that you should know my arrival flight, but I’m not going through all the steps dor the departure flight. So the form will not complete without some other travel info. I’ve put enough info in. See RS in Scotland!

  • Hello, thank you for reaching out. We recommend you give us a call at 877-426-8056 during business hours Monday - Friday 8am - 9pm (EST) and we can assist you with filling out the Participant Information Form over the phone. Alternatively we can email you a copy for you to print out at your home or local library. Then you can scan it in and email it back to us or send it via US mail. If we sent it via US mail we likely would not get it back from you in time for your upcoming program so the other two options above are preferred. Please let us know if you need any additional assistance or have questions. Best, Rachel