Croatia on small ship - sea sickness?

I am considering the Croatia trip on a small ship (Casanova or Futura).  I am a bit concerned about sea sickness on such a small ship.  Can anyone who has been on this trip give me your impressions on what the seas are like in either May-June, or in September?  This trip sounds amazing, but not if I’m sick for two weeks.  Thanks,  Ruth

  • Suggest you contact the cruise company to get some insight on what to expect. I probably will be going next Fall. Your doctor can recommend some remedies.
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    Ruth, I was on the Futura in 2014. This is a beautiful ship. We had some rough seas but it never bothered me one bit. (But I've been on all kinds of small vessels and I never experienced sea sickness, not even once.) However, if you think you're prone to sea sickness, ask your doctor for some medication. A lot of people wear a patch that seems to be effective (Don't know the name of the medication) This was a fabulous trip. Go.
  • We are going on the Futura next month. I have never had a problem with sea sickness, but I have never been on this size yacht. I can let you know afterwards how the passengers fared. I may take some Dramamine with me just in case. (Or, as suggested below, ask my Dr. for a RX for the patch.)
  • In a pharmacy you can purchase ginger chewing gum, and that may be helpful for sea sickness. It is marketed for sea sickness. Another o-t-c drug that I carry is meclazine, sold under the name Bonine. In my experience Bonine helps without making me totally drowsy. I wore the sea sickness bands on both wrists. Not sure how they work, but I never got seasick once during a 7 day voyage through French Polynesia. I am very prone to motion sickness, and never had a problem. Good luck to you!
  • I don't know about the trip, but just taking a couple ginger capsules before I get on the boat keeps me from seasickness every time. This will work even if you take them when you start feeling sick-cures me in about a minute.
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    Thank you for your suggestions. I will check them out. I drink ginger tea al the time - maybe I'll take some tea bags with me.