Proposed New Programs? Suggestions?

I'm a veteran of 25 plus Road Scholar Programs -- all of which I have enjoyed (some more so than others).  My recommendation is a forum for participants  to suggest possible new programs to be offered by Road Scholar.  On my last program (In the Footsteps of Lewis & Clark from Missouri to Oregon), several of us discussed possible programs that it would be great if Road Scholar would consider.  Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a mechanism to communicate this to Road Scholar -- hence, this topic in the discussion forum.  

Several of  us on my last program were kicking around ideas for new programs.  The one that most of us thought would be excellent would be one focused on Historic Route 66.  A couple of others that I would like to see offered are:

1) offerings focused on the state of Oklahoma (there is an excellent program that I did a couple of years ago focused on Essential Arkansas) -- it would be great if there were similar offerings for some of the other less well-known states - Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, etc..

2)  more offerings on the US presidents - I've completed the program in Ohio and Virginia focused on the Presidents.  It would be great if there was a program focused on the New England presidents (the two Adams, JFK in Boston, Coolidge in Vermont and Pierce in New Hampshire) or other presidents.

3) the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona

4) other less known / popular national parks

Fellow scholars, what would you like to suggest to Road Scholar to consider for future offerings?  Please chime in.  Also, it would be greatt if Road Scholar developed a discussion group to offer suggestions for new programs, modifications to existing programs, etc.

Comments? Ideas?

  • I would love to see a cycle of programs that would take participants to two or three of the world's greatest concert halls (for classical music) each year. The program can change from year to year in order to cover them all and eventually repeat the cycle.
  • The Petrified Forest National Park could be incorporated into a program with other National Parks and places of interest
    within the state of Arizona (e.g.: Tumacacori, Tubac, Mission San Xavier del Bac, Karchner Caverns, Tonto National Monument, with Sedona thrown in for good measure. I've left out a lot.
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    I would be interested in zen012501's suggestion concerning a cycle of trips to world concert halls for classical music.
    In fact, VERY interested is probably a more accurate term.
  • I'd like to see more trips to the South Pacific (not just Australia and New Zealand). Right now, RS runs snorkeling trips to Fiji and to French Polynesia. There are lots more interesting islands out there, with beautiful reefs to explore, not too many tour operators going, and few catering to seniors.
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    I've waited nearly three years for Road Scholar to add a trip that includes Ghana. I know the lack of advanced tourist infrastructure in western Africa might scare a lot of travelers. But there are others, like me, who are willing to tolerate some travel discomforts in exchange for experiencing the culture and natural beauty on the road less traveled. After speaking to RS reps, I learned that something may be in the works in the future, but no specific details were forthcoming. I love traveling with RS, but I'm now working with another travel provider on a three week fall 2018 Ghana, Benin, Togo trip.
  • I've actually started drafting an outline and reading list for a program I would like to sign up for: A tour of sites in the UK where the study of geology and evolution changed our understanding of the world. I was planning to forward it to RS, but I don't know how welcoming they are to these kinds of suggestions.
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    I’m enjoying everyone’s suggestions. I, too, would be interested in visiting classical music halls - maybe a series focused on the East Coast of the USA.
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    To cbbezik: Yes, the East Coast has Carnegie Hall, The Met and many less-well known musical venues; Philly has the Academy of Music, Kimmel Hall, Curtis Institute, and also many less-well known venues; DC has the Kennedy Center,and I'm sure, as with NY and Philly, many other less-well known venues. Trip like this can't go wrong.
  • I'd love to have a trip that included a visit to CERN, where the Higgs Boson was discovered. Individuals apparently have a hard time getting into the available time slots.
  • How about adding a bit of focus on specific architects and incorporate into programs already in existence? Examples: Christopher Wren churches in London, Charles Rennie Macintosh in Glasgow, or Frank Lloyd Wright in Oak Park (just outside Chicago).
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    Both London and Paris would be wonderful excursions for focusing on Architecture/Achitects. Here in USA, we have
    Mies Van Der Rohe and F.L. Wright in Chicago, Frank Furness and Sullivan (forget first name) in Philly, and who knows
    how many in NYC? Other architectural wonders in Savannah, Charleston, New Orleans, DC and probably many others.
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    It would be interesting to do architecture along with notable outdoor sculptures or artworks.
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    Beverly, I thought I responded to your suggestion of Visiting CERN, but I don't see it. Perhaps RS deleted it or else
    I forgot to hit "reply' button. Anyway, CERN may not be a doable thing for RS. I'm guessing it would have to be
    a very small group, perhaps 6 or even fewer. May not be economically feasible.
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    They actually do groups of 24 up to a max of 48, but with three months advance notice. I imagine what they wouldn't or couldn't do is run through large numbers of one after the other RS groups. I think another problem would be confidence that the trip would be confirmed, because so many people want to visit. Individual tours are apparently hard to get at the times you might want. Also, I'm not sure that many RS'ers would be interested, although astronomy seems to sell!
    Thanks for your note!
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    Wow, I had no idea they (CERN) could accommodate so many visitors at once!