Proposed New Programs? Suggestions?

I'm a veteran of 25 plus Road Scholar Programs -- all of which I have enjoyed (some more so than others).  My recommendation is a forum for participants  to suggest possible new programs to be offered by Road Scholar.  On my last program (In the Footsteps of Lewis & Clark from Missouri to Oregon), several of us discussed possible programs that it would be great if Road Scholar would consider.  Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a mechanism to communicate this to Road Scholar -- hence, this topic in the discussion forum.  

Several of  us on my last program were kicking around ideas for new programs.  The one that most of us thought would be excellent would be one focused on Historic Route 66.  A couple of others that I would like to see offered are:

1) offerings focused on the state of Oklahoma (there is an excellent program that I did a couple of years ago focused on Essential Arkansas) -- it would be great if there were similar offerings for some of the other less well-known states - Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, etc..

2)  more offerings on the US presidents - I've completed the program in Ohio and Virginia focused on the Presidents.  It would be great if there was a program focused on the New England presidents (the two Adams, JFK in Boston, Coolidge in Vermont and Pierce in New Hampshire) or other presidents.

3) the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona

4) other less known / popular national parks

Fellow scholars, what would you like to suggest to Road Scholar to consider for future offerings?  Please chime in.  Also, it would be greatt if Road Scholar developed a discussion group to offer suggestions for new programs, modifications to existing programs, etc.

Comments? Ideas?

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    I traveled to Ghana, Benin and Togo with Friendship Force. I see you have a plan for now but in the future, check out Also, if you are willing to work, some International Habitat for Humanity trips go to what some call "third world" countries.
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    A program on using DNA in genealogy.
  • Wonderful!! I've been kicking around an idea for a while and couldn't figure out how to get it out there, and the first thing I see on this discussion board is this thread. YAY. Anyway, here's my idea.
    We all wear clothes every day but seldom think about how they are made or where they come from. I think a New York fashion program -- could include:
    1. A tour of midtown with emphasis on the fashion district and associated neighborhoods of fabric, notions, beads, etc.
    2. A visit and tour of a designer's studio to see how garments are created from the sketch up.
    3. A day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Begin with fashion through the ages and end up in the Fashion Museum. With lunch at the museum.
    4. The business of fashion. Visit to department store with lecture by merchandising, and window display (and some time to shop)
    5. Backstage at the theater. See how costumes are made and managed. Then see a performance.
    6. Museum of the Fashion Institute of Technology with demonstrations on draping, fitting, etc.
    7. Special during NY Fashion Week -- attend a runway show.
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    Capital idea. I’d be interested.
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    Capital idea. I’d be interested.
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    Famous/greatest opera houses is another possibility.
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    I like that idea too. Prefer with the mucus but without would work too.
  • Sam Miguel de Allende Mexico. Also Mexico’s Copper Canyon train. Could be back to back offerings.

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    Yes, that is a good idea. I'd go on that trip.
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    To redding.anna
    There is already (and has been for a while) a trip to San Miguel de Allende. I believe there is also a Copper Canyon Train
    excursion....doing both on the same trip may be logistically difficult to arrange.
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    I thought same. Headed to Albuquerque this fall, the Petroglyph National Monument not on agenda. Made arrangements for a private company to do a day trip to Petrified Forest, then headed northeast to Sandia Peak Tramway, back into town with a stop at the Pueblo Cultural Center. Additional stops along the way of interest to me. Can't imagine being that close and not seeing these sites. Will have some time following day before program to see Old Town and meet the group in the evening. RS can only fit in so much each program but at least most jumping off points are in cities where one can explore on their own before meeting up with the group.

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    LBJ library is fabulous! I was lucky enough to meet Lynda Bird Johnson Robb & Chuck Robb on a RS program in 2012 & share with them I developed my love of presidential museums by first visiting her father’s.
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    Your proposal is fascinating. I would only add time at Mood Fabrics, where contestants on Project Runway shop for their fabrics. It is an amazing store and very well organized.
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    How about one to Paduka? ( not sure of spelling)
  • Geology! I’ve been on RS hiking trips to UT, AZ, and CA, and each had a little bit of geology explained, but I’d like a Four Corners trip with in depth field instruction with a real geologist. Geology would be the focus of the trip.