Proposed New Programs? Suggestions?

I'm a veteran of 25 plus Road Scholar Programs -- all of which I have enjoyed (some more so than others).  My recommendation is a forum for participants  to suggest possible new programs to be offered by Road Scholar.  On my last program (In the Footsteps of Lewis & Clark from Missouri to Oregon), several of us discussed possible programs that it would be great if Road Scholar would consider.  Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a mechanism to communicate this to Road Scholar -- hence, this topic in the discussion forum.  

Several of  us on my last program were kicking around ideas for new programs.  The one that most of us thought would be excellent would be one focused on Historic Route 66.  A couple of others that I would like to see offered are:

1) offerings focused on the state of Oklahoma (there is an excellent program that I did a couple of years ago focused on Essential Arkansas) -- it would be great if there were similar offerings for some of the other less well-known states - Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, etc..

2)  more offerings on the US presidents - I've completed the program in Ohio and Virginia focused on the Presidents.  It would be great if there was a program focused on the New England presidents (the two Adams, JFK in Boston, Coolidge in Vermont and Pierce in New Hampshire) or other presidents.

3) the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona

4) other less known / popular national parks

Fellow scholars, what would you like to suggest to Road Scholar to consider for future offerings?  Please chime in.  Also, it would be greatt if Road Scholar developed a discussion group to offer suggestions for new programs, modifications to existing programs, etc.

Comments? Ideas?

  • I would enjoy “behind the scenes of a major airport”
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    I did not read through all of the suggestions so I hope I am not repeating anyone but I would like to suggest THE TALE OF TWO PRESIDENTS. Specifically visiting the Nixon and Reagan Presidential libraries which are located within a reasonable distance of each other. Maybe a day of lecture about one then the next day visit the library. Then the same process for the other. Or some variation of that type of schedule.
  • Programs of Jewish Interest. I know you have the Conversos of the Southwest. How about an Eastern Europe trip from the Jewish prospective?
  • I would like to see more low level activity offerings for those of us who are getting on in years but still want to see interesting and exciting places.
  • We would like a trip to see sites in UK where the Industrial Revolution started. There are many living museum type of areas in middle UK that could be included.
  • 1) I would like to see more international programs at the easier activity levels - I have loved the trips I've been on, but my aging bones are catching up with me and I have more trouble walking, and I suspect that is true for a lot of Road Scholar veterans. For example, I'm interested in history of places like the Balkans, but there is only a Keep the Pace trip currently and I fear I could not keep up with it. Ditto for U.S. national parks.
    2) I like literary/history and related out-of-the-way places. I am interested in the Willa Cather/Red Cloud trip but it is very hard to get to from the East Coast. Any way to make it easier/group travel - avoid having to rent car and drive for hours after a complicated flight?
  • With so many people getting into recreational
    vehicles, why doesn’t Roads Scholar lead the way with caravans??”
  • The Oregon Trail, visiting areas that are still accessible and visible. With appropriate talks by historian/educator.
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    Please try to attend a concert at Carnegie Hall (the main hall, not one of the smaller ones) when you are in New York City. The acoustics is phenomenal. There isn't a bad seat in the house but if you are susceptible to vertigo, don't get a seat in the higher tiers. I hope you will enjoy your opera at the Met as well as New York City.
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    How was your trip to West Africa? That's one I'd surely love to do.
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    Don't forget Severance Hall in Cleveland and the renowned Cleveland Symphony!
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    Check the BBC series that you can watch on YouTube on heathrow airport! Wow, wonderful series.