Proposed New Programs? Suggestions?

I'm a veteran of 25 plus Road Scholar Programs -- all of which I have enjoyed (some more so than others).  My recommendation is a forum for participants  to suggest possible new programs to be offered by Road Scholar.  On my last program (In the Footsteps of Lewis & Clark from Missouri to Oregon), several of us discussed possible programs that it would be great if Road Scholar would consider.  Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a mechanism to communicate this to Road Scholar -- hence, this topic in the discussion forum.  

Several of  us on my last program were kicking around ideas for new programs.  The one that most of us thought would be excellent would be one focused on Historic Route 66.  A couple of others that I would like to see offered are:

1) offerings focused on the state of Oklahoma (there is an excellent program that I did a couple of years ago focused on Essential Arkansas) -- it would be great if there were similar offerings for some of the other less well-known states - Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, etc..

2)  more offerings on the US presidents - I've completed the program in Ohio and Virginia focused on the Presidents.  It would be great if there was a program focused on the New England presidents (the two Adams, JFK in Boston, Coolidge in Vermont and Pierce in New Hampshire) or other presidents.

3) the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona

4) other less known / popular national parks

Fellow scholars, what would you like to suggest to Road Scholar to consider for future offerings?  Please chime in.  Also, it would be greatt if Road Scholar developed a discussion group to offer suggestions for new programs, modifications to existing programs, etc.

Comments? Ideas?

  • Presidential Libraries! My wish list would include seeing as many as possible, regardless of political party. I live in California, where there are two close to each other--Regan and Nixon. How 'bout LBJ and Bush, both in Texas. There are probably others close to each other, so two or three could be combined into one trip. I noticed the trip to Austin included the LBJ Ranch, but no mention of the library. I hear it's fabulous.
    Ghana! Thumbs up.
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    Presidential libraries are a great idea! Combined with the presidential homes, that would be a wonderful historical tour.
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    On a non-road scholar tour, one of our stops was the Eisenhower library. At first I was only mildly interested, but once inside I could have spent an entire morning or afternoon. I would gladly go back for another visit. I think one reason is that the exhibits centered on him spanned my lifetime, covering events which I had either direct awareness about or had learned about in school. My father served in WW II, I was born soon afterwards, and then Eisenhower was president from 1953 to 1961, when I was in grade school up through junior high, until JFK was elected. The exhibits were all incredible, for example displays of all the amazing and unusual gifts which foreign countries had sent to him. After my visit I was so interested in him that I read a biography. In contrast, while the Clinton library is architecturally stunning, I was not particularly enthralled with the exhibits or the way they were laid out, but I also wouldn't mind a return visit. I would come very close to saying that for anyone in about the age 60 and up range, and with some interest in history and politics, that the Eisenhower library is a must see.
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    Someone just told me that the Eisenhower Library is incredible! Also that the Clinton Library borders on terrible. I read the first volume of Robert Caro's now five-volume biography of LBJ--all 1000 pp. each. One day I'll read on, but for now. . . . Thanks much for your comments. Maybe we'll meet up at one of the (1,000s) of RS trips.
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    The Clinton library is terrible inside, but I thought it was architecturally remarkable, and its location downtown has done much to revitalize the whole district, but if I went back I think I'd talk a walk across the re-purposed railway bridge instead of spending much time inside. And by "terrible," mostly I mean un-interesting. The only thing I found interesting was a table showing, I believe, the table setting for a state dinner, so I could look at it and wonder if I'd know which fork or knife to use if I ever got invited to a state dinner. ALSO, I got perturbed a bit because in downtown Little Rock there is a sculpture by the very famous artist Henry Moore, BUT our tour guide said we didn't have time to stop and see it after going to the library. Yikes! I love Henry Moore. Additionally, tied to the library, but not actually part of it, and not including the Henry Moore statute, Little Rock has now fashioned a sculpture walk from downtown to the library, which I didn't get to see, but it has been added to since I was there as well. FIVE volumes of LBJ--that's quite a bit. I'm laboring through Don Quixote a few pages a day. I may get buried it with unread.
  • This probably isn't quite what you had in mind, but my husband and I would like to see a pickleball program offered that is either in the Sun Belt or on the west coast. RS' only pickleball program in in Hilton Head and not convenient for us west coasters.
  • I'd like to see a program going to Ireland featuring the Castles of Ireland. They have a program but it only goes to Belfast.
  • How about a trip covering the 100 sites of the US Civil Rights Trail opening soon - Jan 1 2018 I believe? I came across the following article about it in the New York Times and thought it would be a wonderful idea.
  • I would like to see date alignment on trips in the same locale. Would love to link more trips together to save on travel expenses. It seems like so many are close but no cigar. I was able to once go from a week in San Antonio to crossing Texas to Big Bend. There were several people who did same.
  • I would like to visit some of the quilting shops in Lancaster County Pennsylvania and perhaps be allowed to spend some time quilting alongside the Amish ladies.
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    I agree wholeheartedly! The old web-site was more helpful in locating adjacent programs, identifying program within a couple of days and within mileage parameters. Over the years, I have taken a couple of programs, two that both originated in Rapid City, SD, but were very different and a couple in Florida.

    I’m enjoying everyone’s thoughts. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that anyone from RS is monitoring or responding to these discussions.
  • Tour Sustainable homesteads and family farms in Western WA
  • My 16 yr old grandson wants to go to the Craft Week program #23076KPC but it is only offered Aug. 19-25. His school starts in August. Why not have that program earlier in the summer? He is interested in learning glassblowing, I looked on the Snow Farm website and the only other glassblowing programs they have are 2-3 days in length.
  • I would enjoy attending the occasional pipe organ festival