Can't access discussion boards

Why can't I access the discussion board for the Panama Grits and Glory trip in November?  I've signed up for it, requested twice to be added, but have not received a response.


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    Wow thanks for the heads up. At least can see an estimate of number of participants using that navigation. Surprised RS did not make an announcement of that feature being added.
  • I'm trying to access the group going to the Dakota Bad Lands, what a horrid board, directions anyone???
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    Well, to make it more confusing, there are several places to post.

    - If you have registered, to go to the "private forum" go to the front page of your program. Is it this one? Look over on the right side of the dark blue bar and click on the "Discuss" button. This takes you to the private page that only those that are registered can see.

    - If you haven't registered for the program, when you click on the Discuss button and it takes you to the public forum for that program. IF you have registered you can go to the public forum by going to this page - Make sure the sort is by name and ascending order, then the only way I have found is to page thru until you get to the program number. There may certainly be a quicker and easier way to find it but I haven't hit on it.

    However, since I'm not signed up for this program, I can do the thing above where you click on the Discuss button on the front page of the program and it takes me to this page with is the public forum for that particular program.

    -To make it even more confusing, there is also a South Dakota forum. Look at the red bar above this thread and click on North America. Under there the states are listed alphabetically.

    I am not sure why the IT folks at RS have chosen to make accessing things so difficult but there you have it. Someone may come along with a quicker way to access and if so, I'm all ears!

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    I responded to a post on the "private forum" for an upcoming trip. It posted to the Community Forum. I thought these posts were only going to be made available to people on that specific date for that specific program. I deleted my response as it was specific to that date and program.
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    Hello CT_PBW, thank you for reaching out. It is possible that you posted on the program specific board for the trip and not the date specific board. If you did indeed post to the date specific board it could have appeared on the home page of the discussion board, but only for you and other participants who are attending that trip. It would not be visible for other participants. We hope this clarifies things for you. Best, Rachel
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    Hello Adrienne, we apologize for the frustration you had with locating your discussion board for the trip you're attending to the Dakota Bad Lands. As we work steadily on improving the discussion boards, we appreciate feedback from our participants on how they feel about their experience. We saw that you were able to post on the discussion board for your trip already, but we wanted to reach out and let you know we are available if you have any further questions or concerns. Best, Rachel

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    I went to my upcoming coming program, join the discussion (blue link on screen right) and posted response. The page I was on had the discussion, participants, etc under Header. Would that not then be date specific? I then exited screen, went to the Community Forum. The first post I saw was the one I just posted on the same.
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    Hi CT_PBW, yes that's the date specific discussion board for your particular trip. As I mentioned before, you can see the post on the Community Forum page and so can other participants who are attending your trip on that specific date, but other participants on the discussion boards cannot see it. We are available if you have any further questions or concerns. Best, Rachel