Can't access discussion boards

Why can't I access the discussion board for the Panama Grits and Glory trip in November?  I've signed up for it, requested twice to be added, but have not received a response.


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    I have found that you have to go to your account - sign out and then sign again -try it!!
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    Hi Peggy, thanks for reaching out. We found that you have been able to access the date specific board for your upcoming trip. If you have any further questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us. Thanks! Rachel
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    Hello cla, thanks for reaching out. We've added you to your date specific discussion board for your trip coming up in May. We are available if you have any additional questions. Best, Rachel
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    Hi barbshoe, thanks for the message. We have added you to your date specific discussion board for your upcoming adventure to New Mexico in September. Let us know if you need any further assistance. We hope you have a wonderful time on your adventure! Best, Rachel
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    As I have said in at least 2 messages, I still cannot access the discussion group for the Argentina trip. There is clearly something wrong with the functioning of the trip specific discussion groups. I wish RS would fix the problem and then notify everyone with an upcoming trip that the discussions are fixed and functioning.
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    Hello Peggy, our apologies for the late response to your email. We have made sure you were added to the date specific discussion board for your trip to Argentina today. We hope you have a great time on all your upcoming adventures! Best, Rachel
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    Thanks very much, Rachel!
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    You're welcome!! ~ Rachel
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    I was and still get that message a lot, but I've noticed if I sign 'out' then sign back in, it seems to reset things and it works. I've usually got the signin set to stay logged in.
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    I now always sign out and sign back in but that didn’t help until I had posted, emailed, and texted RS.—several times. Then they got me in three of the four programs I’ve been registered for since last July— this was just a few days ago. NO ONE has posted in any of these discussions—I suspect because they have not been able to get into them. This problem has existed for more than a year. RS apparently has no interest in solving the problem. I wish they would just take the discussion link down from the upcoming programs page—it would be less frustrating.
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    Hi Peggy, we are doing our best to try to find a permanent fix for the glitch which caused you and other participants the inability to access their date specific discussion boards. We apologize for the frustration this has caused you and appreciate you reaching out to let us know about the issue. We have also made sure that you've been added as a member to each one of your date specific discussion boards. Let us know if there's anything additional we can assist you with. Best, Rachel
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    I was trying to get back into the discussion section of my upcoming program and got the "Welcome! Access Denied" screen. Sent a complaint to RS since I had previously been able to access the discussion and had even posted there.
    So, I just tried the fix suggested somewhere above. I logged out of RS and then logged back in. Went back to the "Join the Discussion" button, and I was able to get in. It seems that changes to the website keep blocking access. Which may explain why there is so little action on the program discussion boards.
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    I am having similar issue with Discussion Board:
    1) I login to Road Scholar and can see my program
    2) I am getting this message when accessing discussion tab "Unfortunately, the page you've requested no longer exists. Please use the search form above to locate the information you're interested in." I had access previously.

    And now logging in to the Community:
    1) I login to Road Scholar and see I am logged in
    2) I select the Community Tab
    3) It shows I am not logged in
    4) I log out
    5) I log back in
    6) I can then see that I am logged in to the Community.

    Somehow an update was made recently causing issues with logins.
  • I had this problem for a trip that is not until May 2020. When I clicked on the "Join the Discussion" button, I got an error message that the "page no longer exists". I thought perhaps the long lead time was the issue. I emailed them and they had to "add" me to the discussion. Not sure why an enrollee is not automatically added to the discussion board for that trip. The boilerplate info for discussion groups says you will be "invited to join" the discussion. I was not. Now, I'm not sure whether there are any other enrollees for that trip or not! How will they know they need to request to be added?
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    Bonny, when you go to the private discussion page click "More" beside the program number and then click on "participants" to see if others are enrolled. Their names should pop up. Do scroll down to see everyone.

    My experience is also that people rarely respond on the program discussions. I started a thread on my program for October - can see there are 24 others enrolled and so far have 10 "views" of my thread but so far no one has raised their head above the parapet, lol! I should have made it a more general question!

    My thought is that the forums - both the public ones here and the private program forums are difficult to find. I'm not sure why they are so hidden. Much easier to navigate around other travel forums!