Has anyone been double-charged?

We were double charged one week ago for our trip  to Europe to the tune of over $9600 and I am unable to get RS to refund my checking account yet.  They actually contacted me and apologized 7 days ago.  I contacted the Call Center yesterday and spoke to Andrew.  He said it would take up to a  week.  Today I talked to Joe then Michael in the Call Center and one of them said it would take up to seven days after the e-check cleared.  The e-check cleared last week.  I've had trouble before with RS and refunds in the past.  The Call Center is unable to contact anyone in Accounting and only reads what the "computer system" tells them.

Any advice?

Their trips are great but the payment system is lousy.

  • Yikes! I haven't had a problem but I always use a credit card. With all the problems you've had with the e-checks, I'd consider using a credit card next time. That way your CC can get involved if need be.

    Thanks for sharing - this is good to know.

  • Hello Carolyn, we understand you have been in communication with one of our supervisors who has initiated the refund to you for the amount that you were overcharged. We are available if you have any further questions or need additional assistance. Best, Rachel
  • Whenever a merchant overcharges your account you can call your bank. I know Bank of America will refund your money and dispute the charge. If your bank does not do that, maybe you need to change banks.