Always travel with Insurance

I found the additional RS travel insurance to be high. I called our go-to travel insurance and adjusted it to supplement the included RS insurance.  We always compare price, and do not rely on the credit card or what the travel organization offers. We have consistently saved money every time. However, we are always insured.

  • What company do you like to use? Wondering if you have ever had to file a claim and if so how that worked out. I always have insurance as well but have never had any need to collect - just curious about your experience.

  • In reply to PamInIdaho:

    I use the TripInsuranceStore site to compare (apples-to-apples) policies from several companies. Then I call and talk to the nice folks behind the business. Just returned from my first trip using insurance purchased through them and have policies set up for two future trips. Have never had to actually use the insurance -- and hope never to have to.