Where to begin

Hello everyone my name is Darryl- David Diehr. I'm starting this discussion on money matters around the topic of how do you get started in this program? If one is below the poverty level? I am unable to work at this time, I have a lot of time on my hands and I would love to ability to learn as well as see the world. Growing up in group homes, and in foster homes basically as an orphan, it's always been my dream to travel,  to see what it is exactly that makes life worth living in the first place and theres no better way then having the world show you in all its complexities and grandeur. I am an international student I do love learning and in fact I am planning on going back to school start a second career at this stage in my life, I would even be honored if I could work for my passage set helping others is my forte. Any and all suggestions direction guidance or help would be greatly appreciated. Peace