Have you ever purchased the RS Trip Protection Plan?

Would you recommend purchasing a trip protection plan? Has it ever come to the rescue for you during a program? 

  • I have purchased trip protection insurance plans through RS. The first time I also purchased the airline insurance plan and realized that it was covered on the RS plan. Worth having protection especially on international trips where flights can to changed or cancelled and rebooking connections can be tricky. I also purchased my flight on my last trip with Holbrook Travel which works with RS giving additional service. I was impressed how much help we got on arrival in Costa Rica with arranged transportation to the hotel. We independently booked flights to Costa Rica.
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    Agree on the credit card travel protection. More than adequate in most instances for the $89/year they charge. As long as you use a good card, you're covered.
  • Some Medicare B policies like AARP do cover 80% of the Medicare allowable rate outside the USA. As we travel a lot my husband and I got this type. They do not cover special flights back with a medical attendant which is included with the optional coverage for people with a pre existing condition with Road Scholar. A pre existing kicks in if you have any change of meds or tests on a chronic condition just before the trip. So if you improve, have your medication changed and then get sick with the same illness on your trip you will not be covered by Road Scholar's coverage that everyone gets.
  • I have not been an advocate of insurance, however, I signed up for a program, not far from home and became deathly sick and unable to attend, I waited thinking I would be better but NO, I had to cancel. RS was very helpful in refunding my program. Made it easy and was quick.
  • At this moment I am sitting at home when I should be in Scotland. After spending 7 hours in the airport waiting for my delayed flight to take off they canceled it. It seems there are air traffic problems at JFK. Duly noted and previously experienced on another overseas trip so I will be avoiding JFK for future trips. So I called the emergency travel service @ RS and was told that I must let Delta handle my travel plans. Delta apparently has only one flight going to Glasgow from JFK so I must wait for 24 hours. I asked the emergency travel service @ RS if I could just reschedule this trip to a later date and they said no. Then since I have the insurance I said I would like to cancel the trip due to failed transportation. Informed that I cannot do this because I have to miss at least 50% of the trip before they will reimburse me. Asked Delta to schedule me on another airline, but they will not do that because it wasn't their fault. I will try again this evening. Jana P.
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    The RS coverage is limited to getting you to the doctor not once there if you do not have other insurance. The language on the r s site can lead one to believe that arranging care includes covering care but it does not
  • Hello, I am going on my first international trip and I purchased the "no matter what" insurance which covers the trip and the airfare. Though it was a good idea. It cost about seventeen percent of the total cost of the trip.
  • Broke my ankle 1 week before my scheduled trip. No insurance purchased. Nuff said!
  • I always get trip insurance. I had to cancel a trip at the last minute in the '90's and would have been out thousands of dollars if I hadn't had trip insurance! It's worth it.