Have you ever purchased the RS Trip Protection Plan?

Would you recommend purchasing a trip protection plan? Has it ever come to the rescue for you during a program? 

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    This is a great help but it does not include preexisting conditions. It is ore for acute illnesses such as falling off an elephant :-)
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    Could you please elaborate on the benefits with Chase? Is there a charge? With my Citibank visa there’s a $3k limit but that’s dropping to $1500 as of July 29. There’s no cost for it.
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    I don't know about all these different plans/benefits. My advice is to read your policy carefully and decide what you need or want.
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    Has anyone actually submitted a claim to RS new Insurance AON AFFINITY? Please post with respect to your experience. I’m only interested in AON claims. Thanks!
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    I had to cancel a March trip with just a week notice because of bronchitis and was insured with AON. I had to send in a form from my doctor and my credit card receipts for my airline tickets (different airlines for arrival and return home) and the cost of the Roadscholar program and had my money in about a month.
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    We submitted a claim a couple years ago for a RS program in San Francisco. My FIL's attorney called to tell my husband that he thought we should get up there soon (New England). It took about a year to get refunded, only because the rehab center where FIL was staying was so slow to send forms in to AON. Eventually, that same attorney stepped in to make it happen. After AON received the forms, the refund was received in about a month.
    I feel silly for not thinking of using insuremytrip to find insurance for RS trips. We always use them for cruises; yet I have always purchased the AON for RS trips. Our experience with filing the claim AON was not so great. The first rep I spoke with was most helpful; the next rep was neither friendly nor helpful. We have a RS trip in September with AON insurance, but being wiser now, that is the last time we will purchase insurance through them.
  • If you don't want cancel for any reason (CFAR) coverage, you can find less expensive options at insuremytrip.com and tripinsurance.com. I do want that coverage, but when I added it as an option on these two sites the cost was the same or more than purchasing from RS. BTW, I made my first claim under the CFAR recently. It took nearly two months for AON to tell me they'd notified RS, and they said RS would contact me regarding my credit within7 days. It's been over two weeks and still no credit.
  • I have always purchased the optional insurance through RS. I only needed to use it once, in 2017, when my home airport (Orlando) was closed due to Hurricane Matthew. The insurance paid me for 3 additional nights of accommodation and meals until I was able to get a flight back to Orlando. They would have paid for any additional airfare costs incurred, but the airline covered it all.

    At this age, and normally traveling with a friend for both domestic and international programs, I feel it is essential.

    Pat T
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    Here are the Chase Sapphire reserve travel benefits: www.chase.com/.../travel
  • No insurance. My city is a hub airport. If I am to stay over a night, as a retired person, I go with the flow.
  • Just checked on trip insurance via insuremytrip.com. Very easy to get a quote but the quoted premium is a bit higher than the insurance offered by RS. Beyond the price itself, we always buy trip insurance for overseas trips. Of course, whether to buy or not is dependent on how risk-averse you happen to be. Chances are that nothing will happen requiring insurance coverage. But it is the chance that something MAY happen that leads me to spend the extra money for trip insurance.
  • I’ve used it twice. Always purchased for expensive trips.
  • I bought the RS trip protection one time and used it. For a new trip this year, we bought the insurance elsewhere, after comparing the terms of the two plans. I felt the RS insurance terms are less generous now than when I had used it a couple of years ago.
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    I will never by travel insurance through RS unless they dump Aon, the company they presently use. If you do have
    to use Aon for trip cancellation, be prepared to jump thru many, many hoops.
  • As I understand it, Road Scholar purchases a Road Scholar Assurance Plan for each participant. This includes medical coverage, medical evacuation coverage, additional transportation cost for covered reasons, etc. There is no additional charge to participants for this coverage.

    Participants may CHOOSE to purchase the Trip Protection Plan which reimburses participants who must cancel their trip for whatever reason. It does not appear to cover medical expenses during a Road Scholar trip.

    Be sure you know what you're getting.