Have you ever purchased the RS Trip Protection Plan?

Would you recommend purchasing a trip protection plan? Has it ever come to the rescue for you during a program? 

  • I went to Ireland for two weeks this spring and because of airline screwups and then bad weather, I missed two whole days of the program. Even though I incurred expenses those two days, insurance only reimbursed me for $200 each day towards the missed two days of the trip. So be aware that is the maximum you get. RS was very good at providing me transport to the group once I did land in Ireland.
  • Check online reviews for AON Affinity.
  • Between the Road Scholar Assurance Plan and what is offered through my Chase Sapphire Preferred card there is nothing in the add-on trip insurance plan offered by RS that I need...so if I purchased it I would be overspending and if I had a claim to file I would be in subrogation hell with two difference insurance companies trying to get the other to pay the claim...been there before and it is painful but amusing to watch insurance companies try to avoid paying when they think someone else is on the hook.... Here is what is INCLUDED in every RS trip....

    "Whether participating on a program in the United States or on one of our International programs, every Road Scholar participant receives coverage under our Road Scholar Assurance Plan. This plan is purchased by Road Scholar on behalf of every participant. Designed for Road Scholar participants, Road Scholar Assurance Plan provides 24-hour assistance in the event of an emergency during your program and insurance for emergency medical evacuation. The plan includes travel insurance benefits underwritten by Arch Insurance Company and assistance services provided by On Call International"

    If you download the actual insurance policy you will see it is actually very robust in terms of coverage.
  • After reading the fine print, here and with pther companies, I purchased thru Berkshire Hathaway. I was able to pull up a site that compared plans from different companies so that I could best select what suited my needs. Costs less than RS and I feel better coverage. The basic plan that accompanies every RS trip proved worthless the one time I had a 3 day luggage delay and was in a remote area where I didn’t have transport or stores to buy clothing to tide me over; RS agent actually commiserated with me that there was nothing they could do for me.
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    I never purchase insurance but put the trip on my chase card. Chase covers trip insurance. My Medicare supplement also pays for medical expenses out of the country
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    That is really odd to hear! Last February (2019), we had a 3 week hiking trip planned with RS to New Zealand. Prior to leaving, our 92 year old family member (aunt) was not doing well and we thought we might have to cancel. I called the RS insurance to check on this and they assured me that she would be considered "family" and would be covered. Fortunately, we ended up not needing to cancel.