Have you ever purchased the RS Trip Protection Plan?

Would you recommend purchasing a trip protection plan? Has it ever come to the rescue for you during a program? 

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    Thanks! You just saved me a bunch of money because I also have Chase Sapphire!
  • I purchased RS insurance for my recent trip. I was told it covered cancellation for any reason. I explained that my father was sick & that might cause a problem. I was told the insurance would cover cancellation for that reason. Well, guess what? I had to cancel & I have just received denial of coverage. Family obligations are not covered!
  • When we started doing Elderhostel programs 20 years ago, I did not purchase insurance. As we aged, I decided we must to help make insurance work. Within the last 3 years we have been forced to cancel 3 programs and I have been very thankful we had insurance as we would have been out at least $12,000 without the insurance. The physician who had to fill out the paperwork explaining the medical reasons for cancellation has been cooperative, which we very much appreciate. I would not consider paying for a program and not immediately putting the insurance in place.
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    The RS insurance actually has two parts, as explained on the RS web site (click on "Before you Go" and scroll down until you find the information on the insurance plans). The first part is the insurance that refunds the cost if you cancel for "Covered reasons." The reasons are fairly specific regarding illness or injury -- they use words like "Serious and unforeseen medical problem suddenly arises" and require a doctor's letter stating the necessity for not traveling. If your claim is denied (but you must submit the claim with the insurance company first), you can then contact RS under the "Cancel for Any Reason" part of the insurance. In this later case, you will receive a credit for future travel, rather than an actual refund. On two occasions I have had to cancel our RS travel plans -- once because a change in my own health kept me from traveling and once because our adult daughter required unexpected surgery that was scheduled during our trip. In both cases, I needed to submit a doctor's letter and in both cases I received the refund. I hope you have discussed the denial of reimbursement with RS and have received some satisfaction. They have tried to make the insurance information more easily found so that everyone will read it, but I think they need to make an additional effort so that the two parts of the insurance are better understood by everyone.
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    I purchased the insurance based on what RS told me when I booked the trip. I didn't read up on it. In the future I will!
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    I have always purchased and have used it once.

    Once when the US government shut down and we were on tour on National Parks. RS went above and beyond. They paid for difference in cost for new flights, not just change fees. RS paid transportation to to Las Vegas, overnight hotel for flights next day and all meals and refunded the cost of the travel insurance. Usual circumstances and well handled. We did have phone conversations and it was a tense time but worked out in the end. I think they may have restructured the insurance since that incident.

    The government shutdown is why I now plan trips not around the time of budget voting sessions. One less thing to worry about.

    Also recently I was alerted while in Hawaii that the Northeast was expecting a storm and airline advised to change flights. I was traveling on an award ticket and the airline allowed me to change second leg of trip so I could at least get back to the mainland and then worry about getting home with no change fees. RS insurance paid for my hotel after I provided copy of the text message the airline sent me advising flight change. I was able to get flight next day.
  • The RS insurance is not always the lowest cost. RS gives a 100% CREDIT for events not covered. The policies vary by state so check the details for your state. I'm in NYS an the credit is valid 15 months.
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    Gwen, thank you for sharing your experience with us. Our protection plan does offer Cancel for Any Reason coverage, and the method of reimbursement—cash or credit toward future travel with Road Scholar--will depend on your reason for cancellation. We have provided multiple links below that give greater detail on protection plan coverage:


    We will be in touch with you directly to gather more details about your experience and help to resolve your concerns.
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    This was not explained to me when I registered for the program. I will look elsewhere for insurance next time.
  • Yes, I don’t usually but I’m getting older and it was a $6,000+ trip. Canceled in time to get half back from RS, half from insurance company. I had back surgery that kept me from spending my life in a wheelchair. I would weigh the cost of the trip and cost of insurance.
  • I had purchased trip insurance for my partner and me. One month before our trip my partner fell off our roof and died. It was such a relief to have it when I had to cancel both of our trips.
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    Connie, so sorry for your loss. I agree trip insurance is essential.