Tipping: Looking for a response from Road Scholar

I posted this question back in November under Afloat > Ocean Cruises. I'd hoped to get a factual/authoritative answer from someone with RS. So far it does not appear that any RS staff have taken note. So I am reposting it here:

  Tipping is a major consideration when planning an ocean cruise. Road Scholar states that customary tips are covered in the cost of its programs, but does that include the tips that are expected by waiters and room stewards on large cruise ships? This is important to know ahead of time for estimating the actual cost of the program. 

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    I found this on Practical Information>How It Works www.roadscholar.org/.../. All gratuities are included in the "What's Included"section. Albeit people will nay or yeah on the subject; this is the RS position on tipping.
    AAA is great place to do money exchange. I have found them to charge less for the exchange.
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    The what's included info (tips) is listed on every trip you bring up at the very bottom of the dates and prices tab.
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    Hello norriepond, Our pre-program information packets contain an abundance of information which can sometimes make it a challenge to find specific content. Page 3 of your packet includes a summary of our tipping policy and page 24 provides more detail, “Road Scholar programs include customary gratuities you would normally pay yourself. The only gratuities not included in the price of your program are for independently purchased food, drink, and free time activities. Road Scholar staff are not permitted to request tips or organize collections for tips for themselves or other staff. Should you wish to offer gratuities for outstanding service, please do so on an individual basis.” Also on page 24 of your preliminary information packet we list details about exchanging money on your trip. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions. We hope you have an enjoyable time on your adventure! Best, Rachel
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    Pls clarify who is considered RS staff. On the Key Largo trip RS used a local travel company (World Events or something) who hired groups leaders who wer indepent contractors. So who is included in tips?
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    Important question. Did you ever get a response from Road Scholar?