New Road Scholar trip cancellation insurance

From what I have read I don't like the new (after May 2) Road Scholar trip cancellation insurance.  I would like the option to purchase the old trip cancellation insurance after May 2. I don't need the "cancel for any reason" insurance when it is 30 percent more expensive.

  • I agree.. I don't know why they are doing away with the old policy... They should offer two options, two prices.
  • Those who have purchased a program are being forced to take insurance earlier than was required when the program was purchased. Additionally we have always been allowed to cancel up until final payment with only the deposit being at risk. Now by buying insurance much earlier if we were to cancel before final payment we would lose the premium on the insurance as well. I have also asked for the details on the new policy, but they are not available yet. So they are asking us to make a decision on the old versus the new in the next few days without letting us see the new policy. They are also adding a very expensive insurance benefit that I and I am sure others don't need, but you now have to buy. Also there is leverage to buy their policies and to do it now because since we are too many days beyond the purchase date of our program we are unable to find other coverage that covers pre existing conditions. At the very least, if they felt they needed to change the insurance, they should have changed it for new program purchases only. Road Scholar you are changing the rules of the ballgame in the middle of the game. Very unfair to those who have been supported you.
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    For myself, I have decided to purchase a policy from insuremytrip.Com. It is quite a bit cheaper than purchasing through road scholar and I am really only interested in canceling if something catastrophic would happen so I feel one of these policies will benefit me adequately. I did not even know that such options existed but read about them on one of the discussions, very much appreciate this shared information...
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    Our trip was purchased on Jan 24th. I checked and all coverages will not allow a pre existing condition waiver except for one which is very expensive. So if I want the pre ex waiver I am forced to purchase the old policy now and if we were to change our mind before the last payment date for the trip we would lose our premium money. If I purchase the new insurance it is forcing me to purchase coverage I don't want at 30% more and I can't even read the policy before I have to decide on the old insurance. RS is causing me and many others to lose options that were part of the agreement when we purchased their trips. If it is not the breaking of a contract on their part, it is certainly unfair and mean spirited. Very disappointing.
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    Yes, you are correct on this... For me the final payment date and the change of the insurance are very close in dates.
  • I was able to purchase the old insurance for my Sept trip, but just got in under the deadline. Not sure what I'll do in the future - the new insurance is cost-prohibitive for all but the wealthy. I'll probably look into the other travel insurance companies.
  • I also dislike that the only option RS offers is "cancel for any reason". I am not a flighty teenager who is likely to change my mind on a whim. I plan my travel thoughtfully and expect my travel insurance only to provide benefits if something unforeseen happens that makes me unable to take - or to continue - my trip. Perhaps RS just wants to get out of the travel insurance business - and with this policy, that could happen! This policy also feeds the common impression among travelers that RS is more expensive than other tour operators.
  • I like having insurance that lets me cancel for any reason. I live with my 88 year old mom and have other family responsibilities. I take my granddaughter on trips and worry about conflicts with her custody schedule. I would like to have an option of coverage for the program only, as I don't always fly to my destination. I recently spent as much on flights as I did on the program, so this time it's great. However, my visa card also provides insurance for flights. Maybe I can double dip if it goes bad!! It seems like flight issues are the biggest cost. If you're not flying, you should get a cheaper plan.
  • would it be cheaper using Or is this insurance specific for RS in case you have to cancel your trip?
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    It would be cheaper if you don't have a pre existing condition & If I remember the time frame is 6 months from the time you get insurance with Insure My Trip. I have purchased trip insurance with RS on my last international trip but I wasn't happy with the changes to new policy + $100.00. I would only cancel the trip for family or medical reasons anyway so I don't need the Cancel for any reason coverage. Also check with your health insurance policy to see if you are covered internationally so you can reduce the amount of coverage required by the trip insurance. All that said I do rate RS at the top of trip tours groups & have enjoyed two trips already & I will be going on my 3rd soon. Lets hope you never need to use the insurance but only get it for peace of mind. Safe Travels
  • The cancel for any reason insurance is pricey, but when I had to pay for a trip in full by July 2 for a trip in late September, I got anxious thinking about the many events that could arise in three months--none of which the original RS insurance would have found reimbursible. I posted elsewhere that when a week before another trip, a micro-tornadic event brought down a huge tree which clipped my house, punctured the roof, and broke out windows, that RS insurance did not consider that noteworthy. I had to see insurance agents, schedule tree removal, carpentry, window replacement and roof repair--and RS insurance said "tough." I lost the cost of the insurance and most of my trip fees. This time I also have let Road Scholar book my air fare and it is a non-refundable booking. With the single supplement and the costly insurance, my trip this time is certainly not economical.
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    Be careful about purchasing flight insurance on your card or with your airline. I had a knee replacement that was not planned and they refused to refund my flight cost because they called it a previous condition. I had a weak knee but not one that made travel impossible until I got injured.
  • Read the new policy carefully.

    The waiver for existing condition requires you purchase insurance 14 days from INITIAL enrollment NOT FINAL PAYMENT DATE. Huge difference.

    Not all reasons for canceling will result in a refund of monies. Some reasons other than those stated in the policy may result in monies held for 18 months by which time you have to have expended those monies.

    The wording is very tricky and must be read with the old policy not in the back of your mind.
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    Also if you wait and don't have the waiver the price does not waiver either.