RS literature states that all tipping is included in the trip price, but I am wondering if this applies to the trip leader who escorts the group throughout the trip. I have traveled with other companies where such a tip is encouraged and expected ($8-$12/day per person) at the end of the trip. What is the practice on RS trips?

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    I'm puzzled as to why there is even a discussion about tipping at all. RS markets their tours as "tips included" so I'll take them at their word. It's one of the reasons I do RS vs. OAT or any number of other travel companies. Also RS trips are not cheap, by any means. $5,000-$10,000 for a two week international trip is a fair chunk of change. I've been on 5 international trips with RS and tipping was not even discussed. I think your experience was atypical and you shouldn't be bullied into tipping when it's not expected or required.
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    No one should be bullied, but if you feel like tipping, you should.
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    I agree with Mary that the $5000 to $10,000 is supposed to be all inclusive, and we adhere to that and budget for it. RS explicitly states that there is no passing the hat. Of course, an individual can always tip confidentially without coercing others.