Clothing suggestionsGrand Canyon Mid September

We are going on the North and South rim trip this September. We live in the humid Mountains of Western NC and have never been to the desert or southwest. I am making a packing list and would like suggestions for the “must have” clothing items. I know to layer clothing. Thanks for any help!

  • I have been to south rim 7 times in September. The weather can be almost anything. Same for north rim only higher and cooler.

    I have worn shorts one day and long pants the next. Or both on the same day! I use zip off nylon hiking pants so one pair can be shorts, capris (rolled up) and long pants on same day. I do carry silk long johns should the temps dip. Not a lot of space in suitcase and easy to remove, carry and moisture wicking. Windbreaker and a 300 weight Polartec vest. Lightweight gloves. Coolibar Hoodie (50 spf) lightweight and the fabric keeps skin cool. Sun hat with chin strap (it can get windy), sunscreen and a bandana to tie on backpack to use for shielding neck from sun or soaking in water to stay cool.

    Pack water bottles and drink even when not thirsty. If rings get tight amp up the water. National Parks have fill stations for water. If staying in the park a flashlight and an extension cord. Low lighting on the grounds and not many available outlets in the rooms.

    NP rooms are also low wattage bulbs so I carry a LED light that I can turn on the read. It looks like a lightswitch and is quite bright. looks like this:

    Hope this helps.
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    Thank you! Sounds like I am preparing well already!
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    I have one of those lights. Good suggestion!